There are many different types of maps. They range from factories, to the Pentagon, to the jungle. There are 10 maps in all; Nacht Der Untoten, Verrückt, Shi no Numa, Der Riese, Kino Der Toten, Five, Ascension, Call of the Dead, Shangri La, Moon. From Nacht Der Untoten to Der Riese, they were all maps that were first put into World at War Zombies.

Nacht Der Untoten-

This map was the very 1st map. It means “Night of the Undead” in German. It has 3 rooms and holds one mystery box location, a cabinet that holds the PTRS-41, and a music radio. It has no traps and only 1 perk-a-cola, Mule Kick.


This maps is the 2nd map and it means “Insane” or “Crazy” in German. This map is more dangerous, the zombies attack through the window if you’re standing to close. This map is divided, so if you’re playing with a friend locally or online, then you two or the three or four are separated into two different rooms. The only way to reunite is in the turning on the power or meeting in the power room. This map includes tarps, perk-a-colas, bouncing betties and includes the new weapon Winter’s Howl. It is the first map that requires you to turn on the power. The map has 10 rooms, and also where the mystery box can be spawned in different locations. This takes place in Wittenau Sanatorium in Berlin Germany.

Shi No Numa-

This is the 3rd map, and it means “Swamp of Death” in Japanese. Instead of Nazi’s, they are Japanese zombies. This is a map where you do not need to have electricity. This map is the first map that you can go outdoors without glitching or cheating. Also it is where it slows you down if you are in the mucky water, but doesn’t slow the zombies. The zombies also spawn in the mud and can spawn right next to you. This is also the first map to have the mystery box shoot up a beam of light to show it location to the player(s). This map introduces the Zipline, the flogger, the Wunderwaffe DG-2 and also hellhounds. This is the first map to have Perk-a-colas spawn in different rooms. This map actually confirms who the different characters are. This takes place around Japan and the Pacific.

Der Riese-

This is the 4th map, and it means “The Giant” in German. This map is the first where zombies can climb on and jump off things. This is the first map to introduce the Pack-a-Punch machine, teleporters, Monkey Bombs, the Bowie knife, the Power-up Carpenter, and a an Easter Egg, the Fly Trap. Also it is the first map to include hellhounds and zombies at the same time, on round 16 and up. It is the second map to where the power is required to be turned on, and the second when it comes to where the perk-a-colas do not spawn in different locations. It is third map where Perk-a-colas are included.

Kino Der Toten-

This is the 5th map and the first Black Ops map without being from World at War Zombies mode. It introduces weapons from the Cold War, a new wonder weapon called the Thundergun, a new type of zombies called the Nova 6 zombies or Crawler Zombies, two new traps, the Fire Pit and Sentry Gun, and a new power-up called Fire Sale. It is the second map to have the Pack-a-Punch and Bowie Knife. It is the third map to have Hellhounds.


“Five” is the sixth map, and is at the Pentagon in the United States. This is the only map that contains American Zombies. It also features the Pentagon Thief that steals your gun if you don’t kill him, and it includes a new Power-Up, bonfire sale only available in the Map Five, that makes the Pack-a-Punch 1,000 points instead of 5,000. This map is also one of the two maps that has Winter’s Howl. You can find a Winter’s Howl in the basement of Five, probably because the Americans tested it.


Ascension is the seventh map, and this map contains scientist and soviet zombies. It is the first map to have soviet zombies and also Space Monkeys that are zombies. This map does not have Double Tap, but it introduces Stamin-Up and PHD Flopper as the new Perk-a-colas. It features two new wonder weapons or special items known as the Gersch Device and Matryoshka Dolls. It replaces the bowie knife with the sickle. It features an item called Lunar Landers. This map also has a new way to get to the Pack-a-Punch that is not involved with teleporters.

Call of the Dead-

It is the eighth map. It adds new perk-a-colas, a different grenade, a new get-away, new wonder weapons, new way to be killed, and a new enemy. The new Perk-a-Cola is Deadshot Daiquiri, now the semtex grenade instead of frags. A new get-away is the Ice Slide, and the Flinger. There are two new weapons, the V-R11 and the Scavenger. A new way to be killed is the icy water. The new enemy is George A. Romero, he has more life than the Pentagon thief.

Shangri La-

It is the ninth map and is in the jungle. They have a new weapon, new ways to get away from zombies, a new Easter egg, 5 new achievements, different types of zombies, and a new item. The new weapon is 31-79 JG215, and they have a mine cart and waterslide. The new Easter egg is where you can go back in time. The new achievements can be earned by doing the Easter egg. The new zombies are the Shrieker, Napalm, and the Napalm zombie. The new item is the spikemore, and when activated, it explodes and shoots spikes.


This is the tenth map. There are two new weapons, one a wonder weapon and one is a special item. There is the Astronaut Zombie and the Phasing Zombies that is similar to the Nova 6 zombies, but they can phase or teleport. Also there is also a large Easter egg, a new Perk-a- cola, new equipment plus there also new surroundings. The new wonder weapon is the wave gun, and the new item is the QED (Quantum Entanglement Device). The new and large Easter egg is blowing up the Earth. The new equipment is the P.E.S and the Hacker. The surroundings are anti-gravity, gravity lifts, and teleporters.