How Do I Contribute:

If there is anything you think is informative about zombies or things related to zombies, please go to contributions and add a page or image. If you need any help, please ask an admin for help.

How Do I Earn Achievements

If you look on the right of your profile page, you will earn badges or achievements. These badges show you what you have accomplished and can show you what rank you are in the wiki. Mostly admins would be #1. If there is any more questions about achievements, please contact your nearest admin.

What is Chat and How Do I Get On Chat

Chat is a device that enables you to be able to talk to people. You can post to anybody if you like.

You can talk about zombies, how you are doing or if you need to, you can talk to the admin(s).

Warning: If you start to talk/type in swearing a lot like f*** or s***, put in links that lead to inappropriate websites or images or troll anybody, then you will be banned from the chat. If you continue to do this, you will be banned from the wiki for a certain amount of time. Please, this is a privilege, please do not abuse it.

Someone Is Being Mean or Trolling, What Do I Do

Do not say anything back, tell an admin immediately. Do no say anything mean to the person being mean, because if you do, then you are just as guilty.

What If an Admin is Being Mean or Trolling, Who Do I Go To and What Do I Do

If an admin is being mean or trolling, then tell another admin from the wiki. If there is not another admin or not available, please contact an admin in Community Central. They will deal with the situation.