Characters from Black Ops llEdit

There are four new characters appearing in TranZit mode, as well as Richtofen returning as the announcer. There are no individual characters for survival or grief mode.

Abigail "Misty" Briarton: She is self-superior, thinking all of the other characters as beneath her, though she appears friendly toward Marlton. She prefers automatic weapons and shotguns, and despises semi-automatic weapons.


Abigail M. B.

Samuel Stuhlinger: He is extremely paranoid, and believes everything to be a part of a conspiracy. He is very fond of cheese. He is the only character in TranZit able to hear Richtofen.

Samuel S

Samuel Stuhlinger

Marlton Johnson: He is, quite simply, a nerd. He believes himself to be an "indisputable genius." He knows quite a bit about most of the weapons available in the mystery box, and will mention facts about them as he picks them up. He is claustrophobic, and so doesn't like riding on the bus.

Marlton J

Marlton J.

Russman: He is an elderly african-american man. He has a strange mixture of clothes, for example, he wears a tennis shoe on one foot and a boot on the other. He most commonly refers to himself in the third person while talking.