All locations currently available are contained within an area known as Green Run. The smaller locations present are as follow.

Bus Stop: A very small area, it is the starting location in TranZit. It only has one door to open (two extra with the turbine), which makes it the second smallest area within Green Run. It contains a single mystery box location. This map is not available for Grief mode.

Diner: A slightly larger area, it has two buildings available to open (three with the turbine). The garage serves as the starting location for the mystery box in every game of TranZit. The Diner itself contains Speed Cola. The shed is only available to open with the turbine, and will sometimes contain a part for the bus. This map is not available for play outside of TranZit.

Farm: The Farm is even larger, though it only has the farm house (and a shed with the turbine) available to open. The gates to the farm must be opened in TranZit mode. There is a large, two story barn open from the start. The mystery box location is on the second story of the farm house, on the balcony. This map is available for play in all modes.

Power Plant: The Power Plant has one door available for purchase, which opens the underground entrance to the Power Plant itself. The Power Plant is, as its name suggests, the location at which the power is turned on. Once it is activated, the players have access to a way out of the facility, up the stairs to the upper story of the building, where they can jump back down to the ground. A mystery box location is found near the power switch. This is the location for Tombstone Soda inside TranZit. This map is not available for play outside of TranZit.

Town: The Town has three buildings available for purchase, a bank, a loft, and a bar, making it the largest location inside Green Run. This is the only map to provide two mystery box locations, in the alley and on the second floor of the bar. In survival, the pack-a-punch machine is located in the middle of the lava pit in the center. It is available for play in all modes.

Nacht der Untoten: The original zombies map appears as an easter egg in TranZit mode. Only the starting room is available, the doorway and the staircase have collapsed, preventing the player from proceeding through either. It is located through a corn field inbetween the Farm and the Power Plant.

The Tower of Babble: The Tower of Babble is the location of the major easter egg in TranZit.