Zombies mode returns in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This time around, there are three different game modes, TranZit, Survival, and Grief.

TranZit: An open-world zombies match, taking place across all Green Run locations. Rounds work the same as they do in every other mode, zombies progressively gaining more health and numbers as the player gets to higher rounds. The player moves between locations via a bus driven by a robotic driver call T.E.D.D. It is possible to walk between locations, but the player's view is obscured by fog, and they must avoid denizens (a special kind of zombie that latches onto the player's head, it is only found within the fog) and other hazards, such as lava pits. TranZit introduces buildables, a new feature in zombies mode. Many things can be built, from upgrades to the bus to the pack-a-punch machine to even the wonder weapon. TranZit can be played with 1-4 players.

Survival: This is the classic zombies mode found in previous games. No particular objective aside from surviving as long as possible. Unlike previous games, the power does not need to be turned on. Perk-a-Colas and the Pack-a-Punch machine are available for purchase from the very beginning of the match. Also unlike previous games (with a few exceptions), the maps are much smaller, with no more than three doors to open and up to two mystery box locations. Survival can be played with 1-4 players.

Grief: Played much the same as survival mode, except with two teams, the CIA and CDC. The goal is to outlast the other team. It is possible, though with limited effectiveness, to lure zombies to the other team via a new power up. The player gets a slab of meat, which is then thrown wherever is desired. It will act more or less like a monkey bomb, though it will not explode at the end of its lifespan. CDC members cannot revive downed CIA members, and vice versa. When one team is eliminated, the other team must survive to the end of that round, at which point they will win. If the surviving team is all killed, though, the game will reset to the beginning of that round (e.g. if both teams died on round 13 it would begin again at round 13) with what weapons and ammo they last had, minus all perks. The game will keep going until a victor emerges. Grief can be played with 2-8 players.


All locations currently available are contained within an area known as Green Run. The smaller locations present are as follow.

Bus Stop: A very small area, it is the starting location in TranZit. It only has one door to open (two extra with the turbine), which makes it the second smallest area within Green Run. It contains a single mystery box location. This map is not available for Grief mode.

Diner: A slightly larger area, it has two buildings available to open (three with the turbine). The garage serves as the starting location for the mystery box in every game of TranZit. The Diner itself contains Speed Cola. The shed is only available to open with the turbine, and will sometimes contain a part for the bus. This map is not available for play outside of TranZit.

Farm: The Farm is even larger, though it only has the farm house (and a shed with the turbine) available to open. The gates to the farm must be opened in TranZit mode. There is a large, two story barn open from the start. The mystery box location is on the second story of the farm house, on the balcony. This map is available for play in all modes.

Power Plant: The Power Plant has one door available for purchase, which opens the underground entrance to the Power Plant itself. The Power Plant is, as its name suggests, the location at which the power is turned on. Once it is activated, the players have access to a way out of the facility, up the stairs to the upper story of the building, where they can jump back down to the ground. A mystery box location is found near the power switch. This is the location for Tombstone Soda inside TranZit. This map is not available for play outside of TranZit.

Town: The Town has three buildings available for purchase, a bank, a loft, and a bar, making it the largest location inside Green Run. This is the only map to provide two mystery box locations, in the alley and on the second floor of the bar. In survival, the pack-a-punch machine is located in the middle of the lava pit in the center. It is available for play in all modes.

Nacht der Untoten: The original zombies map appears as an easter egg in TranZit mode. Only the starting room is available, the doorway and the staircase have collapsed, preventing the player from proceeding through either. It is located through a corn field inbetween the Farm and the Power Plant.

The Tower of Babble: The Tower of Babble is the location of the major easter egg in TranZit.

Characters from Black Ops llEdit

There are four new characters appearing in TranZit mode, as well as Richtofen returning as the announcer. There are no individual characters for survival or grief mode.

Abigail "Misty" Briarton: She is self-superior, thinking all of the other characters as beneath her, though she appears friendly toward Marlton. She prefers automatic weapons and shotguns, and despises semi-automatic weapons.


Abigail M. B.

Samuel Stuhlinger: He is extremely paranoid, and believes everything to be a part of a conspiracy. He is very fond of cheese. He is the only character in TranZit able to hear Richtofen.

Samuel S

Samuel Stuhlinger

Marlton Johnson: He is, quite simply, a nerd. He believes himself to be an "indisputable genius." He knows quite a bit about most of the weapons available in the mystery box, and will mention facts about them as he picks them up. He is claustrophobic, and so doesn't like riding on the bus.

Marlton J

Marlton J.

Russman: He is an elderly african-american man. He has a strange mixture of clothes, for example, he wears a tennis shoe on one foot and a boot on the other. He most commonly refers to himself in the third person while talking.




Most of the Perk-A-Colas from Black Ops return, with the exceptions of PHD Flopper, Deadshot Daquiri, and Mule Kick. A new Perk-A-Cola has been introduced as well, Tombstone Soda.

Quick Revive Soda: 1500 points, greatly increases the speed with which the player revives other players.

Double Tap Root Beer: 2000 points, unlike previous games, where it increased the rate of fire on every gun the player held, it now makes the player fire two bullets for every one. No extra ammunition is used.

Stamin-Up: 2000 points, increases the player's movement speed and sprint duration.

Tombstone Soda: 2000 points, when the player goes down, they die instantly. A tombstone remains where they died, after which, if the player's team survives the round, the player can return to the tombstone and retrieve their weapons and perks (minus tombstone).

Juggernog: 2500 points, vastly increases the player's health. Zombies would previously take 2 hits to down a player, with Juggernog they take four or more.

Speed Cola: 3000 points, increases the player's reload speed.


Starting WeaponsEdit

M1911: Semi-automatic pistol, very weak. 8-round magazine.

Hand Grenades: Thrown explosives, powerful but dangerous to the player as well as zombies.

Wall weaponsEdit

Semtex: 250 points, a sticky grenade available in every map. 4 semtex grenades.

M14: 500 points, a low power rifle available on all maps. 8-round magazine.

Olympia: 500 points, a double-barrel shotgun available on all maps. Low power and a 2-shell capacity.

MP5: 1000 points, a submachine-gun available on all maps. Good power and rate of fire, 30-round magazine.

B23R: 1000 points, a three-round burst pistol available in TranZit. Good power, 15-round magazine.

Remington 870: 1200 points, a pump-action shotgun available on all maps. Better power than the Olympia, though it will be unable to one hit kill past round 10 or so, 6-shell capacity.

M16: 1200 points, a three-round burst assault rifle available on TranZit. It has good power and a 30-round magazine.

AK74u: 1200 points, a submachine gun. 20-round magazine with good damage.

Galvaknuckles: 6000 points, a very powerful melee weapon available in all maps, save for Bus Stop in survival. It is a one-hit kill at least until round 14.

Mystery BoxEdit

All mystery box weapons cost 950 points.

KAP-40: A fully automatic pistol with decent power, 12-round capacity.

Executioner: A revolver that fires 28-gauge shotgun shells. Less powerful than some of the other shotguns, but still has good power. 5-shell capacity.

Five-seven: Semi-automatic pistol with decent power. 20-round magazine.

Dual-wield Five-seven: Same as the Five-seven, except you have two of them!

Python: A revolver firing .357 magnum rounds. It has high power and a 6-round cylinder.

M1216: An automatic shotgun with a unique magazine setup. It has four tubes, each containing four shells. When four shots are fired, the magazine is rotated to the next tube, allowing four more shots to be fired. This totals in a 16-shell capacity, and the gun has a somewhat lower than usual shotgun damage, while being fully automatic.

S12: A semi-automatic shotgun with a 10-shell capacity. It has good damage.

Chicom CQB: Three-round burst submachine gun. 36-round magazine, good damage.

M8A1: Four-round burst assault rifle. 32-round magazine, high damage per burst.

Type 25: Automatic assault rifle with a very high rate of fire. Comparatively low damage, 30-round magazine.

SMR: Semi-automatic assault rifle with very low damage. 20-round magazine.

MTAR: Automatic assault rifle with a comparatively low rate of fire. It has higher damage than many others in its class, 30-round magazine.

Galil: Automatic assault rifle, 35 round magazine and good damage.

FAL: Semi-automatic assault rifle, high damage.

DSR 50: Bolt-action sniper rifle. Very high damage, 5-round magazine.

Barrett M82A1: Semi-automatic sniper rifle. Very high damage, 5-round magazine.

HAMR: Unique light machine gun, automatic rate of fire actually slows as fired. 100-round drum.

RPD: Light machine gun with a high rate of fire and good damage. 100-round drum.

RPG: Rocket launcher. Very high damage, but is as dangerous to the player as it is to the zombies.

Ballistic Knife: Spring-loaded knife. Decent damage. Increases knifing speed by a lot.

War Machine: Six-shot grenade launcher. The grenades have a fuse after impact, after it has burned they will detonate.

Ray Gun: Wonder weapon, 20-round charge. Between games the projectiles move much faster, allowing for more accurate shooting.

Buildable weaponsEdit

Buildables are only available in TranZit.

Zombie Shield: A shield constructed of a car door and a cargo dolly. It will protect the player's back while not in use, and can be used to successfully beat down zombies. It will break after being struck by zombies too many times.

Jet Gun: A weapon built out of a jet engine and other assorted parts. It will break after a certain amount of usage, so the player must be careful.


Pack-A-Punch has seen a few changes since the previous games, the largest of which is the ability to put the same weapon in more than once for a cheaper price.


In TranZit, the Pack-A-Punch machine must be built before it can be used. It is located in the Town section.


In Survival and Grief, the Pack-A-Punch machine is available only in the map Town. It is available from the start, as the necessity to turn on the power has been removed. It is located in the middle of a lava pit, which makes Pack-A-Punching a risk, as the player will be weakened while doing so and thus be susceptible to zombie attacks.

Effects on WeaponsEdit

The first Pack-A-Punch acts much like it has in the past, upgrading damage and, in some cases, applying larger magazines, sights, etc. Any subsequent Pack-A-Punches on the same gun will only cost 2000 points (as opposed to the original 5000) and will put a random attachment applicable to that weapon on it. Further Pack-A-Punching will remove the previously present attachment and add a new one.